I Love Computer – 2

(Windows 2000 +Professional + MS office 2000-2003)

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Each topic in this book has been explained in simple and easy to understand language, with good layout and designing and ample exercises and practicals.

Contents :

  • Types of computers.
  • Parts of a Computer. (Mouse, Keyboard & other Devices)
  • Hardware knowledge of a Computer (Startup, Shut Down etc).

CPU, Monitor, Printer, Speakers and Storage places


  • Each Book covers the portion for one academic year.
  • Continuity of learning is assured as the books are carefully graded from Class 1 to Class X.
  • Each chapter is introduced with the theory content and is followed up with relevant exercises and activities, concluding with appropriate practical assignments.
  • The topics are explained in simple and direct language which can be easily understood by the students.
  • The learning experience is made more enjoyable with the use of illustrations, comic strips and cartoon characters.
  • Interactive CDs to reinforce the concepts dealt with are also available.



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